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Nourish and revitalize your skin using California Scrub Co.’s coffee-based body scrubs!

Eco-friendly, organic, and upcycled coffee-based body scrubs infused with essential oils to naturally smooth and heal your skin.


10% of your California Scrub Co. purchase is donated to our Los Angeles-area ocean conservancy partners. We want to raise awareness of the Beat The Microbead campaign by working with local non-profits to beautify our oceans and beaches. In addition to donating 10%, we regularly volunteer at beach clean-ups through out Los Angeles and invite you to join us!


We source only organic and local coffee grounds as the lush, skin-softening base of our scrubs and dry them with love and intention in the sweet California sunshine. We mix in beautifying, function-infused essential oils. The end result? An energizing, skin-softening, and all around magical body scrub!


By using upcycled coffee grounds, not only does California Scrub Co. create a skincare product that’s great for you, but also for Mama Earth! Caliscrubs are sustainable, responsibly created, and free of microbeads that wreak serious havoc to our oceans.